Lesson 4 (part 1)

Who defines what love is or ought to be or how it should be expressed? When it comes to what the Bible does and doesn’t say about homosexuality, many want to frame the issue not in terms of right or wrong, but rather in terms of love and various definitions of love. On that basis they assert that no one has the right to question or evaluate the legitimacy and morality of someone else's love. However, as Christians we dare not form our definitions of right or wrong, goodness or truth based on our culture, emotions, or opinions. Instead, we look to God and his Word, and when it comes to understanding and embracing what real love is we must get our answers from the one who is the source, the giver, and the definer of all love--human and divine. With Scripture as our guide, our focus for in this episode will be God’s amazing love for us and how his love informs and transforms our own.