Lesson 2

Jan 15, 2023

If you attended or watched Lesson 1, it may have surprised you that for a study addressing homosexuality from a Scriptural perspective, we didn't even mention it or consider any passage in which this topic is addressed. Instead we started by finding common ground and common humility in the inescapable predicament that all of us sinners share: we are all alike corrupted and enslaved by sin from birth so that by ourselves we deserve nothing but God's judgment and condemnation. There is but one hope for sinners like us: God's free grace and forgiveness through faith in Christ. This lesson we will consider (again in general) how God responds to sin in the lives of his people, no matter what those particular sins may happen to be.


• Forgive Us Our Sins: Homosexuality in the Light of God’s Truth, by Scott I. Barefoot and Richard D. Starr (2013, NPH).

• Rainbow Savior, by Rev. William Monday (2014, WestBow Press).

• Gay and God, by Mike Novotny (2016, Straight Talk Books).

• Deadly Desires: A Study on Homosexuality, by Richard D. Starr (2007, NPH).