Adult Bible Class

“All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and  training in righteousness,…”  

2 Timothy 3:16

Sunday Mornings @ 8:30:

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Previous Bible Studies:

His Word - My Life

The Scriptures tell us that the prayers of believers are powerful and effective (James 5:16). We are implored to pray continually and give thanks to God in all circumstances (1 Thess. 5:17-18).  Even our broader society considers prayer important. According to Pew Research Center some 55% of all Americans pray to a deity daily and over 70% at least once a week. However, there is much confusion in our society and in the church about prayer:
What is it? Who can pray? When and how should we pray? What can we pray for? How does God answer prayers? We will explore these questions and more in this series.

A Scriptural Response to Homosexuality

What does (and doesn't) the Bible say about homosexuality? How do we compassionately communicate God's love and truth for fellow-Christians who struggle with temptations? How does God give us the power and the grace to overcome? Join us as we search God’s Word for the answers to these questions.
This guided study will help God’s people want to tell others about the peace, joy, and forgiveness they have in Jesus. But many Christians are unsure how to do this. Join us as we learn some simple, practical ways to reach out to the lost souls God has brought into our lives.

Self-Guided Recorded Studies: 


 When bad things happen to God's People 

The book’s title comes from its primary character, Job. Although of uncertain etymology the name Job could come from Arabic meaning “one who turns back [to God]/one who repents” or Hebrew verb “to hate/be an enemy of” (which could signify “the assailed one, an object of enmity”).
• As with several books of the Bible, the human author of Job is unknown (cf. the compilers of the books of Samuel, Kings, and Chronicles; the book of Hebrews). As those who are convinced that the Bible is God’s Spirit-inspired Word, we too consider this book to have been composed under his direct guidance for a number of reasons:
1.) The book reveals spiritual realities and conversations that no human is naturally privy to.
2.) The book has numerous Messianic parallels and references.
3.) The unparalleled quality of its composition.
• Some best guesses: Like the book of Ruth, it is clear that Job was not the author of the book that bears his name. Given the likely (early) time period in which it was set and the linguistic parallels with the Pentateuch, some claim Moses as the author. Other conservative commentators see similarities with the wider geographic knowledge and poetic/wisdom literature (cf. particularly Proverbs 1, 8, 9) of the Solomonic age and afterwards.

Self Guided Recorded Studies:

The SmalCald Articles/ Contemporary Catholicism

This is a study on The Smalcald Articles (written by Dr. Martin Luther) and a companion study, Contemporary Catholicism. In the Smalcald Articles Luther gives us the clear testimony that sinners are saved by the grace of God in Christ and how at the same time the Catholic Church of his day was subverting that truth by teaching that we are saved by our good works. In the Contemporary Catholicism study we will see that unfortunately the Catholic Church has not changed its official stance on these teachings. God-willing this will help us better understand not only the serious differences between Lutheranism and Catholicism, but also guide us in sharing the grace of God found in Scripture with our Catholic family and friends.