Let the little children come to me

Matthew 19:14A

This year's mission project will be designated to Children's Ministry Outreach. This project is part of the Lutheran Women's Missionary Society kids c.a.r.e program. When a mission church would like to begin a children's ministry or start a childcare center or preschool, the lack of up-front funds may prevent them from doing so. Offerings received for this project will help mission churches start a childcare center or preschool, which can then form a "natural bridge" to bring the goods news of Jesus to more families who do not yet know our Savior.

This is a wonderful way for you and your child(ren) to learn that they too can play a vital role in sharing Jesus around the world. We will be collecting money for this project throughout the year. You can use our give tab, app or offering to help us collect these donations.